wolf.jpgI am

A spiritual, loving person with an affinity for computing and certain arts.

I sometimes draw some strength and wisdom from the spirit of the wolf.  It's a totem of sorts.

Wanna know more? Read my diary or get in touch with me and lets talk!

I like

I like to program computers.  It's always been a passion of mine, ever since I read my first book on the subject when I was 15.
This includes all creative and technical parts, from design and architecture to the detailed coding.  To me, this is an art, and I sometimes indulge in calling myself a Software Artist.
In a sense, I'm quite priviledged, as this is a personal passion that people are willing to pay me for.

I take pictures...  photographic pictures.  It occasionally happens that I take pictures for pay, and I've considered switching to mainly work with photography.  See Le'Photo and Flickr.

I dance, and have dived into Argentinian tango, done a bit Swedish, French and English folk dances, and reconstructions of medieval dances.

I live

I live polyamorously, which means that I live with the potential of having more than one amorous relationship at once. Read more...